I like to listen to your voice like a lullaby. It calms the hell out of me ,just know that. So that day I sat beside you just to listen to your voice through my favourite words and wondered if someday my eyes would look up from the coffee just to see if yours light up when I mention someone else’s names. Then I walked next to you and felt our steps into harmony and wondered if someday we would open our mind to each other just to know that we deserve a chance at real happiness. I looked at you in fascination with your eyes filled with whole universe and wondered if someday I would meet your daughter, her grey eyes as bright as your brown.I watched you wrap your arms around me and wondered if someday you would let me cry like that,without questioning.I thought about it so long before I realised that I love you a hell lot,like a broke loving another broken and I don’t need you to love me from that. I just want you to be happy like that forever. Because stories left untold in the era where everyone is busy making a cliché is a miracle and I know you understand that.I hope that someday I could tell you that you’re the most incredible piece of art I’ve ever laid eyes upon.I hope someday we’ll meet up in a cafe and end up discussing how our life was.

And don’t worry I will tell the waitress that you like three sugars in your coffee. 

Will you meet me like that? I just wonder.


24 thoughts on “Lullaby”

  1. Great post Surbhi! For whatever reason, this reminds me of a time I ran into an old girlfriend at a Waffle House. We chatted for a long time about where our divergent paths took us, about what could’ve been, and about why we were probably glad it didn’t work out.

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  2. That usage of words were spectacular and used on the time, the ending no doubt of the 3 sugars.
    That peculiarity​ of words is so hard to be seen nowadays.
    Looking forward to have a word with you.
    Amazing​ and applauded.

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