Revelation and realisation

He saw her crying and finally spoke hugging her tight “You too know it will never go away,it just stays until you get up and move away from it.” 

Finally she kinda stops and looked at him saying “I know it can’t be erased,but it’s like I’ve no energy left,no strength, just world seems to be so broken. I think about him it makes me sad. My heart tears itself into pieces when I remember his voice and his carefree look,how with that one look he threw everything away. Everything that we had. 

He stares at her helplessly ” I know all of it, I’m there with you from beginning know.”

She laughs achingly “Ah, correction….from beginning till the ending. Ending which finally leads me into nothingness. Ending which makes me realise that sometimes it’s better to be numb than to feel ,ending which forces you to keep your head underwater enough to be acquainted with the feeling of drowning. Ending which makes you feel plain even in the happiest of hours. Ending which actually ended me.” 

He speaks to himself “only if I was lucky enough to be loved,to be craved that much. Only if she ever realised that I warned her from the starting,not as a selfish person, rather being selfless,because I can do anything just to see her smile. Only if she realised that it was not him that day who called her after that ending fight. Only if she knew I was the first one who saw it ending before two of you realised. Only if she knew that feeling of breaking is something I’m bearing from the day he made her smile. Only if she realised that she was more than enough for anyone just wasting her feelings for a playing heart and mind. Only if she realised that in was waiting all through this time,that one day she will notice me and …..he was snapped back.” He looked at her ,no more tears left and said ” Sometimes we end up in such circumstances where there’s no way out,but you know there’s always someone on the other side waiting for you just to hug you tight.”

She stares at him and smiled”sorry for being like this,and thank you for always being with me ,like by my side. You’re the best of person I’ve ever met. I bet your girl will be the luckiest in the world,And yeah you’re right. What’s done is done,it can’t be changed we can only hope for a new door waiting for us,far away from all this.” And she got up and gave him a tight hug.

He also hugged her tight wishing as always that one day she will realise that he’s luckiest of all to have her in his life,a

nd smiled.

Many a times things are in front of us and we don’t see,it’s like we are blinded with the things which are never actually there for us. What we do is ignore,running after our concept of perfection. Not realising the idea of perfection is just standing in front of us,waiting for you to realise. But when we realise maybe it’s too late or either we live whole life unknown. All is a matter of choices and what we decide.


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