Last walk!

Vehemently or Acceptably we are tethered by some word in the dictionary “temporary”. Temporary !oh just like that only it strikes the exact centre of everything,of our life. Temporary feelings,places,people and these days memories,let’s accommodate with replaceable, what say? It’s very popular these days,trust me,manipulating people’s heart and soul just to get your own purpose and escape my dear. It happened because things were meant to use and people to love,but 21 century calls for reciprocating ” people are being used and things are being loved.”

I still remember the first time we walked to your home,yeah you didn’t want my help and all but you had no one to drop you that day so you kinda settled.

The walk was innocent. We were laughing about something I’m not sure I even remember now. But we were happy,ya know? Really,genuinely, happy. That was a feeling which was regal. We were not afraid,no pain, no heartache, no worry. These were the things which were far away from us. And hell, we were hopeful,hopeful that maybe things will remain the same and happiness will everlast! 

 But alas you know just surviving on word hope,putting a bravefront may have an impact on people defining you as strong,but somewhere inside you break, as at last you have to face yourself and you realise no one is there to hold you or pat your back the survival meets struggling and the word hope loses hope.

We ended up being disappointed. Not dissatisfied from ourselves but the world around. Three years later we were screaming at each other with broken verses and empty voices. Because three years later my darling every fear,every pain,every heartache, every worry had your name carved on it,you made a niche in the history of my sorrowful life. From being hopeful we started hating the word “hope”. We didn’t know how we thrived wrong,because we both knew we were following our idea of supreme and being ever right. At some point we were choking with air ,yeah,which helped less in breathing because it was full of poison, poison which hurt our eyes,mouth,heart,soul,which was supposed to burst but instead was flowing down. And it all crashed down,we crashed down bearing the unbearable platter of sadness.

Now here I stand, with you of course but darling without you. This is the last time I’m walking you home. 

We didn’t say anything, no words spoken in spite of thoughts rabbling and growling our minds. No matter how much it sucked to love,to be together,to make things last,we are thrown back in the lap of nothingness ignoring we had everything. So no words spoken or exchanged but somewhere we knew.

Dammit we both knew, this is the last time,say something, tell me you knew it too, didn’t you?

Don’t worry I’ll hold myself ,after so many fallbacks I’ve learned how to get back up, and keep going. This time I promise I’ll do the same,ignoring you never kept your promises,but maybe that’s what love is! Right? You know promise wouldn’t last,but you keep it anyway. I’m doing the same.


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