Fear is stupid-so are regrets

We are all entrapped in quagmire of situations,triviality pulls us into abyss of loss with no scope of deliverance. It’s human predicament ,we are tempted always by materialistic gains ,we have lost all the sentiments,feelings ,somewhere in the world which doesn’t exist now. Right now we are living in a world of rat race,of seeking perfection, progress and my dear that progress towards perfection is untrue ,it’s nothing but pseudo progress ,the more we get the more and more we are tempted to get ,working and running all our life after progress and never enjoying the fruit of satisfaction. I’m also like you only today I just felt like spitting the web of thoughts out,so here I’m . So where was I? Ah.  Yes…… There’s a  saying :  Gain the world and lose the soul. Are we following the same? To realise that we need to introspect: 

Silence is the most beautiful voice. Sometimes we need to be silent,,silent to introspect,silent to stop for a second just to take a huge step. And we do misinterprete silence, like always.

Silence, stillness,solitude is not absence of anything but presence of everything.

And if the ocean can calm itself ,so can we. We are both salt water mixed with air.

so sometimes stop running and start introspecting just to know where did you go wrong and what you can do right. 

Forgive everyone ,even yourself. Humans do mistakes,so do our loved ones and so do we. You fall,you rise,you make mistakes,you live,you learn,you’re human,not perfect,you’ve been hurt but you’re alive,think of what a precious privilege is to be alive,to live,to think.

Go placidly amidst the noise and haste and remember what peace may there be in silence.

Learn to be silent sometimes. As when the whole world is silenced even one voice matters.

Sometimes the most powerful thing you can say is nothing at all.

 Beautifully put into words:

You’re most powerful when you’re most silent. People expect words,motion,back and forth, they expect leap into fray! They are ready ,fists up,words hanging from their mouth. SILENCE? No.

Then think about helping and caring for others,what a great deed it is

So do all the good you can,to all the people you can,in all the places you can,by all the means you can ,at all the times you can,as long as ever you can.

Its law of nature whatsoever you give,it comes back. Don’t grieve. All the things you lose come back in different forms.

Gratitude,develop that. You should have a feeling of gratitude always,no matter situation is good or bad,just smile,you’ve a lot to be thankful for.

People are always different from different view points,appearances are deceptive and we are victim of  frequent deceptiveness. What’s on surface in totally reverse inside. People often stonewall, contempt, criticise, but that’s not because they are rude or arrogant but because they are too sensitive inside.

Still waters run deep,even the smoothest streams have shallowest surfaces.

Remember: Sometimes people are beautiful ,not in what they say,or how they look but just in what they are.

Well let’s come to main thing what I’m actually saying is do whatever you want to do,but don’t involve in rat race,do things after introspection, listen to your inner voice,because energy never lie,give 100% in everything you do ,but never turn out to be empty at the end, speak your heart put,speak of goodness not of bad and ill.,help everyone ,help with feeling of gratitude not with expectations of getting things back,live ,live to the fullest,it’s not “YOLO” we only live only once, rather we die only once. Do such deeds to have that aura around, that not only you but everyone around is happy, smiling ,and living around you.

Give chances because  story of life is faster than wink of an eye,some love stories start with hello and end with goodbye-until we meet again.

So how you want your loved ones to remember you? With words of grief or words of agony? What impact you want to make on strangers? Would they judge you for your unpredictable nature or rather sincerity? How you want to write chapters of your experiences in story  book of your life? 


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