Deep connection

Whether you’re 16,26,46,65 someday you’ll accidentally meet  a kind of person 

that will start a fire inside you. And when the person leave they make take 

everything with them but with the fire still burning inside you it’ll take a lifetime

to forget them. Some kinds of love are like that,they may take a sec, a minute 

,an hour or a day to happen but will take a lifetime to get over.
Once a deep connection ,that energy exists between two souls , there’s 

no separation between them. No matter the distance,the time duration

the desire to share the laughter and hear the voice again,the longing 

to see them once again the outbreak to leap into each other’s arms 

continues till they meet again.

She was so close,yet so distant

She was thoroughly yours,yet you’ll never own her

She was in front of you,yet you searched her in all places

She was so silent,yet she was all way talking to you


In polaroids and memories.

Few things in life are so beautiful that they hurt too much. It maybe reading in empty libraries,it maybe your last talk with your favourite person,it maybe you sitting alone when it’s raining, it maybe calm and serene sky full of shining stars when you’re sitting alone at 3 am looking at sky,walking in woods,the whole universe and somewhere I knew it was you too.


29 thoughts on “Deep connection”

  1. Hi Surbhi this is a beautiful post! Thank you so much for stopping by my Blog and thanks for all the β€œLikes” I appreciate you taking the time to visit! I hope that you will come back again and if you like my art and writings maybe you can decide to Follow and stay connected! Your Blog is very nice and your writing very interesting! I will check more in depth soon! πŸ˜‰ Carolina

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