Words aren’t just words-Are they?

Would you still believe that everything I write is for you? Not to disrespect what we had but words are just words.

She was fascinated ,enchanted by the words and phrases

Prose and poetries were the things of beauty

Each with the power of miracle and essence of potion

Was structured to create magic and bounding spells.

She made inconvenient look invincible

And turned broken into beauty 

She wrote with universe in her soul

And made to look like a fairytale on blank pages

She remembered the journey while 

you may only remember the end.

So it’s the continuous third day I’m writing. Well boards are almost over so I’m kinda free these days,so I write. You guys already know my name and well everything I write is “fiction” or whatever I feel I write. Nothing to be personal but yeah the things I write is too relatable for you guys and I’m overwhelmed by the kind of response from you guys. I’ve Instagram for the same @flailingthroughthemayhem which I’m not using from past 4 months. You can surely see me there after June. 

Till things fall into places,



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