If people are oceans why we only rely on the surface?

There’s so much more than what meets the eye-

“Rhea, how’s everything going?” He came back from behind and stood in front of her. She was stuck for a moment.

“It’s all good,I mean things are going great.” She replied not meeting the eyes.

“Can I ask you why you were ignoring me all that time,no hi no hello,just nothing…..why?” He asked still looking in her eyes.

“No I didn’t see you ” her lie can’t meet his eyes.

“Each of your friend,including your best friend saw me,they came and talked to me,asked how I was doing,but you didn’t see me…oh how great is that. I hope you know I’ve returned back after effin three years and this is the last time we are meeting and I expected things to be normal this time. From caring too much now you no longer care at all. Why this change? ” his tone was of regret.

“Hello,just to let you know and lets make things clear I never cared too much. You were never important. You were like anyone else. I care for everyone and anyone. You’ve a habit giving so much importance to yourself, and yeah let’s share the truth I saw you even before any of my friends saw you. I turned around just to pretend I didn’t and it’s a clear sign I never wanted to meet you.” holding back her tears she turned around.

” You’re just unexpected and out of world. From beginning I thought you are arrogant …but we were all okay and I realised you were the most sweet person ever just to see your this face…Wow hats off lady! You were like this from the very beginning so real yet so fake. Well I just want to say the same thing I said three years ago if you remember but let it be..  I can’t even say, you know what? I don’t care anymore. Take care,stay blessed. It was nice meeting you the very last time,it’s the best of memory I’ll take with me. I’ll hope if I ever see you again you’ll be changed. Goodbye Rhea.” with almost broken eyes he saw her very last time and left.

“I hope that I’ll never meet you again. Take care ..and stay happy.” She screamed at the top of her voice and saw him going ,tears now falling from her eyes. He did turn back but she looked away.”

That day he left but he took away a part of her. While she still sat wondering after 2 years-

What if time,had heard our story,came to know how the real things were,and she herself couldn’t stand to wait?

What if she herself send memories not even yet made flying backwards toward me,just far enough that I’m pulling my eyes and stepping my feet forward forever in search of you?

What if time,the powerful of all,break all restrictions just to sacrifice herself in waiting?

What if she’s waiting ,waiting for us to look up and find our way home.

Till things fall into places,



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