So today I was cleaning my room(heart) and I came to know that I’ve so much to organise and so much to segregate. I’ve briefcase of regrets,apologies, Don’t leave me and please forgive. I’ve messed up documents of all day thinking and echoes to be made. Frankly speaking I’m tired of shutting everything these days. When I saw you the other day with broken hope and bloodshot eyes , I sobbed inside my room for I’m sorry. The only thing I found here lying around the corner was half burned letter of goodbye that you gave me few months back and I knew it was good to be true. So today when I’m cleaning all the burned letters and half filled documents regarding I care,I’m confused, just let it be, you won’t understand, ah I hope you would know one day and organising all the apologies just in case I see you again I’ve made a single complete document which I’ll hand it to you on right day scribbled with letters “You were right from the beginning about the Goodbye.” 

Where the hell on earth is the “done” button which you can press for your uncontrollable thoughts and fears inside?

 Also can I ever know why everyone has to talk to you or call you the very same time you’re dancing to the beats of your favourite song ….like man ..just why…..before that I just don’t exist and suddenly at that very time I’m of so importance ….arrgh! This is the most irritating thing that is done to me every random day! Lel! Waow! Also my current favourite is Chained to the rhythm- Katy Perry!

Also have a great weekend!

 Till things fall into places,




  1. Some interesting soul searching πŸ™‚
    Quite an intimate post! Glad you have the courage to clear the skeletons in your closet. It takes a lot to do this. In some strange sense of the word, girl I feel proud of you. Keep clearing the closet πŸ™‚

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