All we think about the feelings that we hide.

I’ve this habit of not opening up easily and asking people to leave because I easily get attached. I get too attached and I know people can’t handle me. From not speaking a bit I can go talking for hours about the fascinating things. I’d be irritatingly clingy of which I’m aware but I can’t handle it. I can be rude specifically when things go too far. I can be too sensitive and cold as hell in one day of which you can’t tell. But you ignored me all the way. You were actually never listening. You were obstinate and you stayed. I convinced myself it’s fine I won’t lose the game I know the rules and player as well. But suddenly one evening I was shaken because I was losing. Everything you said and did weakened me. You were enjoying and I was falling. I told myself I am giving you a chance and you knew it as well. You took the chance to doom me into hell. Jerk, I should have pushed you like I’ve always done. Because no one can handle me darling not even you.

World is so full of empty people after all.

In this universe I know I’m not for you but somewhere still I belong to you.  

In one place we never met each other. You never fell that night or held my hand in museum. You never made me cry. I never hear your laughter. We didn’t screamed that night. You never waved goodbye. You never turned that cold. We lived without knowledge that we even exist. That would be the place I believe it was you.

In the other place it all happened. Your smile became the reason of my smile while your laugh rattled my bones. When you talked the world around me faded. We were fire and gasoline and we burnt so glamorously until we didn’t.I knew it happened but I wish didn’t.

Till things fall into places,


PS- All fiction. And I have this crazy fan crushing for Repressed soul aka Revti. She’s one of the most sweetest person here. Do follow her,she’s amaze.  


15 thoughts on “D.O.N.E”

  1. You always write things which relate to my situation, I don’t read much of this but whenever i do trust me it makes me feel good in a way its weird but it does. This one IS awesome.Please Keep writing
    Your Biggest Fan,

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I’m glad I could provide you with that! In fact I read each of your post. It’s not weird I understand. And keep letting things out. You’ll feel better. You keep writing too.
      Oh my lord!
      I’m blessed! LY Kruti!


  2. I read that it was just fiction but when I was reading the decsription of her behaviour , seems like someone is talking about my habits
    Yes , more emotional people don’t want to lose their close ones after an experience that emotion turn into weirdness , they can’t easily open up for everyone
    They keep distance from everyone , they love to spend their time with very less no of friends .
    Line you have mentioned
    Less bit talk to infinite conversation
    Yes it is 100%

    Btw beautiful writing
    Keep writing

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    1. Yeah,it’s my common behaviour too ,eliminating some facts. Sensitive people keep pushing others away just because of the fear of losing. I know right and it’s good being emotional till people don’t misunderstand you. Anyway thank you. Means a lot coming from you. :”)

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      1. You pick up every topic. Nicely even you make it interesting .
        I am not much experienced in writing
        But I think you should be careful about your post title because it does matter to attract readers or it can distract .
        That’s it
        Btw I am not always right
        Keep writing


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