None of it’s about you- it’s about her.

Suddenly if one day her smile is not the best thing for you in morning, and her eyes are not the reason for your hope, and her innocence doesn’t surprise you anymore, her long texts and infinite missed calls irritate you to hell, her crying on the floor feels like a drama while her breakdown at 2 am a mere lie, or if her voice starts piercing your ears and her name is nothing more than eternal chaos in your mind ,then please leave. If one day you wake up and you don’t care anymore then speak it out over your morning coffee and she will let you leave.
Trust me she’ll not ask you why. She will not ask you to stay one more night. She will not break in front of your eyes. She will give you a small smile cause she knows that people are temporary. That feelings and all sort of things fade away with time. She will understand you not being desperate to be understood. If she’s saying then believe that she’ll survive.
If it comes to the point of not feeling anything except toxicity ,say it so.
Love is not complicated,caring is never terms bound.
You should stay because you want to.
But you should leave if you need to.
If said simplest of all it’s about not caring anymore.

Till things fall into places,



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