13 reasons why

What’s the scariest thing?

She asked: what’s the scariest thing was?
And here I had multitude of words to explain
But none fit exact
What I needed to vent that night
It’s not the depression or anxiety that kills
or the pills that we take to
numb our skills
It’s not the monsters that stay with me
during the endless nights
Scariest of all is sometimes
feeling all alone
with everyone by your side.
It’s the loneliness that speaks,
It’s drowning in your blank mind
blackness all alive
It’s the silence that heeds
and how the throat resist the noise
no matter how hard you try
A phase where no more tears are left
When you want to flail with emotions and feels
but you die with thirst of emptiness defined.
A soul that bothers no more,
not to know,unable to understand
Whether everything ended or
begin in delusion stuck mind.


You don’t know what’s going in other’s life but your own. And when you mess with one part of person’s life ,you are not messing with just that part.Unfortunately, you can’t be that precise and selective. When you mess with one part’s of a person’s life you’re messing with their entire life. EVERYTHING AFFECTS EVERYTHING!


Book is worth reading avoiding critics and all … Jay Asher actually did justice in 13 reasons why depicting the life of teenagers these days sulking many in depression,trauma, emotional dread, suicidal thoughts and things that badly affect their life. The remedy for all is SEEK HELP! If someone is affecting your state of mind don’t just sit and wait for some source of inspiration…just let it all out,talk to people and please ask for help!

Till things fall into places,



33 thoughts on “13 reasons why”

  1. Thanks for sharing. Great read! I would like to thank your following my blog too. We all need encouragement no matter what age we are. It is great to connect with people around the world. Thanks for the encouragement. I just posted a new blog – Remove Barriers. Let me know what you think. Cheers!

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