Being a feminist doesn’t mean hating men.Feminism is not about women being superior but rather equality. Instead of teaching women to become superior or become chauvinist like men out there,

It’s time to tell men and women to move forward towards equality. From ages,men are told not to shed tears,to not show what they feel,to hide what they feel on superficial level.Men must be strong and stoic. Weak is quality of women,often misunderstood that women feel deeply and too much. And maybe because of hiding all emotions,men feels the most.

They fall deeply in love because we have mocked every other emotion out of them.So when they love,they love with passion,aggression,sadness,pain,rough and unwanted edges.They love with everything they have.Irony is they are loving us with everything and don’t even hold back because love is all and only thing we allow them to have.

How can we expect ourselves to become good mother and father when on one hand we are taught that girls should be less competitive than men and stuff and we are all making up in mind that every cause of problem in our life is men and only thing to cover it up is revenge. Yeah let’s become feminist with hatred in our heart and what we’ll teach our boys is that you’re less than girls.

With our stupidity to make them feel what we’ve been feeling from ages,we end up repeating the cycle.First it was male chauvinism and now it’ll be “women superiority” on the name of women empowerment. And now also we’ll end up hurting one or the other just because we’ve been hurt.



4 thoughts on “EQUALITY”

  1. Indeed, Feminism is all about equality of genders. I miss you so bad. ♥️ Have moved to Delhi, let me know if you are still around and I shall see you then. Mail me your contact number or any other medium to get in touch. Love love, honey.


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