you’re stronger than you think.

At some point in life you’ll think you’re losing everything: friends,lovers and yourself. If you feel like losing it all,think about how you felt the same six months or two years ago.

You were threatened by all that was hopeful within you; you did not think you would survive. But six months ago,  or two years ago — you did. You did. You woke up in the morning. You pushed through the mess, you dug yourself out of the hurt. You held on to whatever light you found within your days, you pressed it into yourself whenever you could, reminding yourself that goodness still existed, that the softness was still there. Six months ago or two years ago, you fought your way out of the dark. You fought to be here. You have the strength to save yourself. You always have. Please, don’t ever forget that.

You deserve more. You were never meant for sleepless nights and cluttered thoughts and people not by your side. You never deserved sadness due to things that were meant to make you happy. You never deserved to be heartbroken or shredded into pieces.

You deserve sunrises and sunsets. You deserve calm of the sea. You deserve your head in clouds. You deserve to be happy again. You deserve everything that your heart beats for .

You deserve love,someone who won’t mess you over and escape saying it wasn’t meant to happen that way in first place. You deserve love that  don’t make you question it but rather devour it.

You deserve appreciation, something  that’s waiting for you on the other side of sadness and heartbreak. Trust me you deserve it.

As life’s too short not to pursue people that scare you, because those people are the ones who will change your life. And we’re all searching for that love that will alter our entire lives.
Sometimes, when you are always the person who hopes, when you are always the person who forgives, you feel like you have to be the person who mends. But those in your life, those you put so much faith in — they should also mend. They should also reach out. They should also forgive, and meet you on common ground. Do not stay in relationships that make you feel like you are hard to love. Do not stay in friendships that make you feel like you are not a good person. Do not stay in situations that weaken the muscles of your heart. Do not stay. For there are people out there who want to inspire you. There are people out there who will help you to grow without making you feel like you are tainted or unchangeable. There is love out there that will hold you, that will call upon a heart like yours. There is a world out there for you, and you are going to find it if you give yourself permission to do so. Please don’t ever forget that. Stay soft.



3 thoughts on “you’re stronger than you think.”

  1. This was much needed. Thank you for the post…

    Hey, if you’re interested I would like to mention in a 3 days 3 quotes challenge that I’m doing. Please find the details and the mention in the most recent post on my page 🙂


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